Monday, July 23, 2007

2 Miles

I did it. I finally went on that walk I talked about a week ago! Last week was so hectic there was no way to even think straight let along make time to walk. But I did this morning, mostly because we had a bull get out while we were gone over the weekend and I was elected to walk the fence and see where he went through. But alas, he either squeezed himself into a smaller package than he is or he flew over the fence. I couldn't find any fence down. However, he is now locked up in the corral for being a bad bull. LOL

The weekend went way to fast. We arrived at our daughter's house at 2 pm on Saturday and had the big birthday bash. Our other daughter and her son, our son in law and their daughter all have birthdays within two weeks so we celebrated them all! But then we hopped into the pickup and headed on home Sunday morning at 11am. So it really doesn't even feel like we were there other than the sore buns I have this morning from sitting in the middle of the pick up seat since we also took my MIL along.

This week looks much more promising for a relaxing week. I figure I'll walk MWF and ride my horse TTHS. I only have two things happening this week. Redmond Writers meeting on Thursday night and I need to get groceries. Other than that, I'm home, I'm writing, and I'm happy!

How's your week looking? Relaxing or hectic?


wavybrains said...

The end part of my week is hectic, but the beginning part is normal. :) Hope you have a very productive week! And keep up the walking!

Piper Lee said...

Wow Paty, you're week looks awesome! I'm so happy for you! (Keeping fingers crossed that it stays this way.)

My week looks great; although I did wake up in a really bad mood this morning so I turned it into a clean the house with fury day. LOL Much better attitude now and my kitchen looks great.

Even though the week ahead is full, I think it will be a good one.

Tuesday looks like a slow day other than I AM GOING FOR A TWO MILE WALK COME HELL OR HIGH WATER; then Wednesday walking again for two miles while my DH and eldest son head off to some insane bike/camping Boy Scout thing for the rest of the week, and my 11 year old son is having a friend over for the whole day and his two sisters may come to play with my 7 year old son too. So I'll get rid of husband and son and gain three extra people in the house. (Smacking self in the head now.)

Thursday said eleven-year-old is going to said friend's house to spend the night, hopefully, and I, along with my daughter, and my 3 & 7 year old sons are heading to Portland to see my sister & niece and paint pottery, and then we're going to dinner at Zab Thai, and then to the movies with my sister, my daughter, one of my sons and my sissy's friend with her 5 y/old kid to see Hairspray.

Friday, I have to drive to Lebanon with my daughter and her backpacking crap to make sure she's ready for a 4 mile overnight hike she has to attend, and then I have no idea what I'll do in the evening but it will probably involve reading a book. :)

So, is this waaay more information than you needed? I could have told you about all the laundry I'll be doing in between all this and about the watering of the lawn and garden, etc. but I won't. roflmao

Have fun walking and I hope your fingers fly across the keyboard and your brain shovels out great story information as fast as your little fingers can take it this week!

Paty Jager said...

Wavy, hope you get in some good writing time before the week gets hectic.
Piper, don't feel bad, if you aren't feeling well there isn't anything you can do about it.

Have fun with your kids and family, they all grow up way to fast and then you wish you'd spent more time with them.