Monday, December 10, 2007


Sorry this is late- Having technical difficulties today.

We (my dh and I) purchased a cut tree this weekend. I asked how long since it had been cut. Two weeks. I hope it will not be dropping needles before Christmas arrives! It is a nice compact Noble Fir, but it has one draw back. It doesn't smell. There is no wonderful woodsey scent coming from it.Does anyone know if the Farm trees don't have a scent? Is it not in them because they aren't grown in their natural habitat?

So now I have to find some pine scented oil to burn, so the house will smell like a Christmas tree!

How about you? Real or artificial tree. And do you need the pine scent to feel like you really have a tree?


Christy Keerins said...

I'm a real tree lover! And YES, I have to have the nice pine scent. My tree smells great, but we harvested it from the forest. I have some candles that are pine scent. I love to make garland from clippings of trees too, but haven't had the time this year.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

We do artificial. Real ones leave me sneezing and scratching and breaking out in all kinds of unattractive red blotches. Plus we usually put it up early and leave it up late.

Since I grew up with an artificial tree, the pine scent isn't associated with Christmas for me. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and Christmas cookies -- that's what Christmas smells like for me.