Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Cards and Character

I think at this time of year everyone is bustling around, decorating, baking, purchasing and wrapping gifts, sending out cards or letters.

Receiving Christmas Cards is one of the best parts of the season for me. It's not just seeing what everyone else is doing, but the different cards and seeing who sent what kind of card or letter. And tying in what they sent to the type of person they are. I guess it's the writer in me- always digging to see what makes a character uniquely who they are.

My WIP is coming along nicely, but I keep thinking I haven't flawed my hero enough. Although in this last scene he - a man who has always known what to do in a situation- found himself lacking. I find it humorous. Of course he doesn't! LOL I'm hoping I've written him well enough the reader will believe his lack of knowledge. Ahh... do I have you wondering?? You'll have to read the book to find out what I'm talking about!

I went off track! I not only like to receive cards but I like to send out a Christmas letter, letting people know what the immediate family is up to. And of course I have to send it in an interesting way or it will be tossed to the side like the card from Great Aunt Sadie that looks like she recycled by putting a white address label over someone else's name and wrote hers! It's the thought that counts!

Hope you are all getting a moment to relax during the rush of the season! What interesting card/letter have you ever received at Christmas?

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christy said...

We've received very few Christmas cards so far this year. Probably mostly because we moved. I like to display mine like a garland. I like the Christmas cards when people write up a letter about what went on. I know it's the thought that counts, but the ones with just a name are not personal. I have fun every year trying to create an unusal letter. But this most's being put off till January, so we can announce the new arrival.