Monday, July 06, 2009


Did every one have a good Fourth? I returned from Montana at 6pm on the Fourth. Caught up on e-mails, then vegged until the house cooled down enough to go to bed. I heard the booming of fireworks but didn't see a thing as I lay in bed headed off to slumber land. The dh had gone to Princeton to water so I wouldn't have to go today. I have a week's reprieve.

The wedding I attended had a beautiful bride, a fun and serious ceremony, and good cake. ;) My daughter, one of the bridesmaids, looked lovely. As she walked up the aisle her two daughters hollered and waved, "Hi Mommy!" Then when the young man sang during the sand ceremony the girls sang and danced. So it was an entertaining event. LOL

Yesterday, I sent a manuscript off to a publisher in hopes they'll like it. Oh and it is official, I'll be int eh Los Gatos Borders on October 29th for a reading and book signing. If you are in the area I'd love to see you. I thought once I presented a workshop at Emerald City I'd be done for the year, but now I have this event to look forward to and visiting my cousin.

Oh and I almost forgot to add, my Publisher, The Wild Rose Press, will now be able to sell print books from their site. Making it easier for readers and book stores to purchase the books.

Have a fun and sunny week!

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