Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Faves

Here I am, I have internet access, so my Friday Faves!

As stated before, I had an awesome research trip to Silver City,ID. While doing research in a historical society museum in Murphy I gave the person helping me one of my business cards with a book cover on it. She asked if it was one of my books and if I had any with me. Well, I carry books with me everywhere I go, so I brought in the four historical books and she bought them all, said she'd read them and if they were something her patrons would like, she'd order more.

Thursday we had a beautiful drive from Central Oregon to Kalispell,MT. Cory and I chatted the whole way and it didn't feel like 12 hours of driving.

It's confirmed I will be at a book signing at a Borders Store in Los Gatos, CA on October 29th. So my years will stay busy for some time!

Off to a wedding today.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth!


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Sounds like a fun and profitable trip! ;o)

Helen Hardt said...

Happy Fourth!