Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Faves

I finally took the messy office by the horns and cleaned it. See proof. And you know the Feng Shui about a clean working space opens the mind to better work... Well I sent one short story off to my editor at Wild Rose Press and I'm just about finished with another short I'm hoping to send to the Harlequin Undone line.

The cleaning surge had nothing to do with the company that's arriving on Saturday. but I'm looking forward to having my munchkins back that were here off and on during the year. My dh is like a big kid he's so excited the kids are coming back. He dances around singing, Kelly's coming back, Zane's coming back, Rietta's coming back. You have to know him to understand him. LOL

Speaking of Rietta who'll turn three in January, her mother was having a time getting her potty trained. Rietta wants earrings. So did her mother at that age, and I told her if she stopped sucking on her finger she could get earrings, and the little poop did. Christy did the same thing to Rietta. She told her if she started being a big girl and went potty in the toilet, she could have earrings. She said a little while later the toilet flushed and Rietta came out of the bathroom singing, "I'm gonna get earrings!" Christy says she's not going to tell her it hurts until she's potty trained!

After a long day on Wednesday the mainline for the irrigation pivot is now in the ground and ready to be hooked up to the pump. One more thing done before the snow falls.

And the best item checked off my list this week. The Christmas letter is written and formatted- all I have to do is print it out and I can put it in the mail to family and friends on December 1st.

I hope you had a productive week and make it a restful weekend!

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