Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew

Sentence Variety
Sentence variety is needed when writing a story. You don't want all your sentences to be the same length or the same structure. It's like listening to a monotone speech.

Ways to use variety:
Begin your sentences with different words. Don't overuse, he, she, the, a.
Don’t over use questions, but do use them once in a while to go deeper into POV.

Revise sentences for impact - Add one word sentences.

Add reiterations - Damp darkness

Repeat words - qualifiers (Look, walk, turn) watch overwriting stage directions
Sentence fragments are fine. If you know you're doing it and are doing it for a reason.

Power position- The beginning and end of any piece of writing has more power. Put the most powerful word or sentence at the end of the paragraph. Also put the most powerful word in your sentence at the end.

Imagery-comparison of two things. Simile-like, as; Metaphor-don’t mix metaphors

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M Pax said...

I'm good at mixing metaphors. I think because I don't remember them right. :D

I hope to get back to writing later this week.

I owe this lady a critique, which I hand wrote. Just can't get into typing it into the computer for some reason.