Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Foundation is Everything

In any project the foundation or starting point is the most crucial. In writing you have to have a good plot and intriguing characters. In building a house you want the foundation to hold up the walls, the floors, the roof.

Here is the journey of the foundation of our new house:

The concrete guy and my hubby built the frames for the footings for the stem wall. The county required 12 inch, we did 18 inch. This was a spot that a lot of fill dirt was used.


This is the footings poured and cured with the rebar sticking up for the  stem wall.

The boards were put up for the stem walls, plastic was put down and gravel was dumped on top to make it easier to navigate under the house crawl space.

Getting the stem walls poured. I put the bolts in the cement. 

Finished stem wall. They were four feet tall because hubby doesn't like to crawl around on his hands and knees. 

After the stem wall came the back patio. The corners are rounded and it is brushed. Once the framing is done we'll color this and the front patio.

Next came the stem wall for the garage. 
The garage was poured at 5:30 AM because the cement trucks had to be somewhere else at 8.

 Last to be poured were the garage apron and the front patio. Now we are on to the floor and plumbing. Those photos will come in stages.

I hope you enjoy a peek into our house project.

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