Friday, October 24, 2014

Too excited to contain myself! Cover Reveal.

My fabuloso daughter has done it again! I'm thrilled with the covers for my upcoming mystery series. She's been working frantically on getting them ready for the January, February, and March release because she's having a baby in early February and wanted this project out of her hair.

So here are the upcoming mystery covers!

Here is the blurb for Double Duplicity which will be available for Pre-order starting November 15th.

On the eve of the biggest art event at Huckleberry Mountain Resort, potter Shandra Higheagle finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. She’s ruled out as a suspect, but now it’s up to her to prove the friend she’d witnessed fleeing the scene was just as innocent. With help from her recently deceased Nez Perce grandmother, Shandra becomes more confused than ever, but just as determined to discover the truth.

Detective Ryan Greer prides himself on solving crimes and refuses to leave a single stone uncovered, including Shandra Higheagle’s visions. While Shandra is hesitant to trust her dreams, Ryan believes in them and believes in her. Together they discover the gallery owner wasn’t the respectable woman she’d portrayed. Was her life fated to end the way it did? And can the pair uncover enough clues for Ryan to make an arrest before one of them becomes the next victim?

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