Sunday, November 16, 2014

House vs Writing - House is winning!

I've been so busy working on the house that this blog has been neglected. Soon, we should have the house finished and moved it. At least by Christmas if not before.  When that happens I'll show you photos. Right now this is where the house is at.

The above photo is of the kitchen. It's a bit smaller than my last house but it will be cozy and I have a large pantry so fewer cabinets in the kitchen isn't a problem. I'm anxious to see this finished. I'm still debating if I want the walls the same off white/linen color as the rest of the house or something to more define it as the kitchen. Stay tuned to see what I decide. ;)

This is my office!! I'm so excited to have four walls and space to hang pictures and white boards. In my previous house I had a wonderful loft to write in, but there wasn't any walls to make the place really mine. 

This is the state of the outside of the house. It needs siding but we really want the inside done so we can move into the house and out of the cabin. Hubby and I are both getting claustrophobic in the cabin. 

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Maggie Lynch said...

So happy to see you are all closed in. It always takes longer than you think. I guess this means you've given up on the done-by-thanksgiving idea and now hope for December?

Paty Jager said...

Hi Maggie. It is looking like a house on the inside now. We won't make the Thanksgiving deadline but will definitely be in by Christmas. I'm already figuring out where to hang the stockings!

Carmen Peone said...

House might be winning for now, but look at how fast the roof's been raised! And so amazing. Thanks for sharing your journey.