Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Picking a Color...Ugh!

The domestic well for the house was drilled this week, and we'll soon have water at the house. The mudder/taper for the sheet rock is doing his magic. That means next week I'll be painting and we'll install the kitchen cabinets. It's starting to look like we will make it in before Christmas. All the little details won't be completed, but we'll be out of this cold cabin and right there at the house to keep working on things.

After the cabinets are installed we'll call the flooring company. They are bringing the flooring and the
fabric I picked for couch
appliances and furniture I ordered from them. I'm pretty excited to see my special order couch. I saw one at the store and asked if it could be made with different fabric. They asked the furniture company and they said I could pick from any of their fabrics. I guess the color combination I picked looks really good together. I don't know because I haven't seen the couch yet. I'll be having an early Christmas when the appliances and furniture arrive.

Guest bath tile
Right now I'm trying to pick out colors to paint the walls. I like having continuity, but I don't like the whole house the same color. That's institutional to me. I like color and variety and warmth. I think the main color will be a warm off-white called White Glove. The guest bath will have a color called Pale Gingersnap which is a pale peach/brown color.

The master bed bath will be either a pale blue(Polished Cotton) or a pale green (Raindance) it depends on the walk-in shower tile. We're picking that up on Friday. I ordered it a  month a go and am having trouble remembering the tones in it. I'll use whatever color is in the master bath on one wall in the master bedroom as an accent. The room/wall that is bothering me is the kitchen. I'll have the space between the counter and upper cabinets and above the window over the sink. I haven't picked out the granite for the counter and I've only seen the finished cupboards once so trying to remember the color and figuring out what will work is hard. My oldest daughter thought a light gray, but gray doesn't feel warm/inviting to me. I'm leaning toward a more vibrant color though the cabinets are a reddish hue. *sigh* I'm also thinking the Pale Gingersnap might work...

When I get the rooms painted, I'll post them here for you to see what I ended up with.


Rain Trueax said...

I like the fabric for the couch and remember some of the cool art you bought awhile back. My house in Tucson has Oriental rugs, lots of red in those, Native American themed paintings with now a lithograph added by Ed Mell with sunset colors and volcanic shaped mountains. So I like intense colors. I have been very happy with my warm green walls in our Oregon kitchen. I think that's been over five years and it's not getting old. I can hardly wait to see your house all put together. Right now it all seems so organic to me that I think it's going to be perfect for its setting :)

Paty Jager said...

Hi Rain!
Thanks for your input. I tend to stay with the earthy tones but at the same time I don't like boring. ;) Your colors and scheme sound bold and exciting. We'll see how it turns out and there will be photos.