Sunday, December 21, 2014

The House is Coming Along

The flooring was installed, the rooms are all painted, now we are down to the finishing touches: molding, plumbing, lighting, doors, window casings. We should be in after the first of the year. 

This is the guest bath room. It needs the molding and the vanity and stool placed in it.

Kitchen needs appliances set, one more cabinet attached to the wall and the front/back? of the island needs covered and painted. 

This is the hallway. Love the angles! It needs molding and a light.

This is the master bedroom. It needs the electrical finished and molding.

Walk-in closet ended up two colors because I ran out of the main color and finished with the color in the bedroom. This also shows the master bath. I'm working on the walk-in shower now. First layer of cement is down. Waiting for it to dry to put in the rubber shower pan, then another layer of cement and I can finally tile!

This is a photo looking down the hall to the utility room and the pantry on the left. 

Living room looking into the office. The appliances were delivered but aren't all installed yet.

The place where we purchased the flooring and appliances also had furniture. Since we gave away our living room furniture because we wouldn't have a place to store them I purchased new. I haven't even unwrapped the couch because I don't want it getting dirty. But we have a new couch and two recliners. I did rest a minute in the recliner yesterday and it is just as comfy as when I tried it out at the store. ;) 


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