Monday, March 02, 2015

Always Learning #cozymystery #writing

As I wander through this new genre that I am having a wonderful time writing, I'm discovering words that I had one perception of and learning how they should truly be used.

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I belong to two very useful Yahoo groups. One is Sisters in Crime. They are an organization that brings together women and men who write mystery thriller and suspense books. On the loops we can ask all kinds of questions dealing with murders, police procedures, and the business of writing.  The other loop is Crimescene. They aren't an organization like Sisters in Crime. This group is made up of writers of mystery, crime, thriller and suspense books and professionals: lawyers, policemen, doctors, nurses, medical examiners, former FBI agents--you get the picture.  This loop is wonderful for putting out the scenario of the book or asking particular questions about apprehending and the forensics.

My favorite place to ask police questions is my son-in-law who is in law enforcement. It keeps him on his toes when I ask questions. ;)

One of my characters in my mystery series is a sheriff department detective. I want to make sure he uses the proper words for things and just the other day Lee Lofland, one of the main contributors to the Crimescene loop and the Sisters in Crime loop, had a good article on his blog about the difference between using the word murder and homicide. I read this with interest and now have to go back through my current project and reword some of my detective's dialog and inner thoughts. ;)

From my son-in law I discovered how a warrant is asked for and issued. A procedure I wanted in the book.
This is the best part about being a writer! I love learning. Always have. Writing books I am constantly learning new things and expanding my horizons. I love being a writer!

What is the best part about a job you love?


Carmen Peone said...


I really like this post. Great groups to be in for mystery writers. But your right, using your son-in-law is a bonus. I also like using people I know who are in the scope of my project. I appreciate this post. Carmen

Paty Jager said...

Carmen, Thank you for stopping in! I appreciate you helping me with the sleuth in this series. You have been a great resource and friend.