Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Day in my Life by Paty Jager

I've decided because I am on several group blogs and have to come up with pithy, interesting post for those that from now on, Thursdays will be about one day from the past week in my life.  If you are an author, I will always have Mondays on my blog available for you to promote new releases.

This week, Wednesday, yesterday, was a busy day.

I was up, fed my hubby and the horses( he feeds the dogs as soon as he gets up. Hubby is the early riser), and then began working on my craft project. I work on it first thing in the morning because it is in the garage and that's when the garage is the coolest. I can't tell you what it is in case the people it is being gifted to, read this blog. ;)  but it involves saws, sawdust, frame clamps.

We were expecting the vet to come out to look at our daughter's pony, Apollo, who is lame. We thought due to the poor trim job the horse shoer did the one time I wasn't here. That's a whole nother story. And Mikey had been acting lethargic, which we thought was due to the heat, but when hubby gave him a bath he discovered a lump and a wound in his side. The vet now had two patients to look at. We were told she would be out at 10:30. I set my phone alarm for 10 to make sure I finished up what I was doing and get Apollo caught and waiting for her. It happened the hay truck text hubby and said he would be here at 10:30 as well. Hubby left Mikey in the tack room so when the vet arrived he would be available. I tied up Apollo and one by one brought each of the big horses out of the corral, brushed them and put a natural fly spray on them.  It said to drench them and I should have kept them tied up until the stuff dried, because as soon as I put Bud back in the corral he rolled.  I finished all three horses and brushed George, the burro all while waiting for the vet. She was nearly an hour late. Hubby had finished loading the hay truck and had gone to baling the grass hay by the corral.

The vet arrived. She checked out Apollo, said he was founder which shocked us. He looked in good shape from when he came to us. She showed us the little fat pads on his rump and how a pony carries the sign in his neck up higher. His ribs still show a bit and he doesn't have any fat anywhere else. She said he has a higher metabolism and we'll have to keep him on bluegrass straw and supplements. Great! And he had thrush and she said his main reason for the lameness was the bad trim job. She was going to call a farrier she works with to come fix his poor feet. As for Mikey he had a high temp, meaning he has an infection. She saw the entry and exit wounds, flushed the wound out with betadine, and gave put him on an antibiotic. She could find anything in the wound. We think he may have received the puncture when he was racing across the field, tripped on a pivot track and hubby said he tumbled for twenty feet, he'd been running so fast. And he likes to lay down in the water in the pivot tracks which is nasty and why he gets a lot of baths. He could have had the open wound and laid int he nasty water and got the infection. Hopefully, by next week when I post he'll be back to his old self.

When the vet left it was after noon. We had lunch and talked on the phone to both daughters. After lunch I sat down at the computer and after reading an email about a question I'd asked about the WIP (work in progress), and looking some stuff up on the internet, I started writing on the WIP.  I didn't get the 4k words I was hoping for but came close.

Hubby called, he needed me to pick him up at the dairy barn. I had dinner on the barbecue. Turned it down and jumped in Sami to pick him up.  Got back we had dinner, then doctored Apollo and I went for a walk. Saw this buck and doe in the hay field. They didn't like me and ran away.

After a shower and while hubby watched a show I don't care for, I went online to look for photos for book covers.

And that is a day in the life of me. 


Shanna Hatfield said...

It was nice to spend a day with you, Paty! Hope your critters are feeling better soon.

Paty Jager said...

Hi Shanna. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my life. The pony and Mikey are getting better. Thank you.

Millie said...
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Anna Jeffrey said...

Hi, Patty...Enjoyed your post. Having ailing animals is almost as bad as having ailing kids. You can't ignore them no matter what else might be going on. And they always seem to be grateful. Hope they get well soon. :-)