Saturday, June 18, 2005


I started to rewrite Dare To Love and got tot he end of the chapter and comments an author who read the first 100 pages said blew me out fo the water! She said the first chapter the H & H had no GMC indicated!! That it had to be stated right up front in the first chapter. ARGH! Which means major rewriting if I plan to send this piece of trash to an e-publisher!

What I want to know is how come the hand full of other people (CP's) didn't notice this? Or is my GMC to subtle for the author who read it? I thought I had it in there, but apparantly it must have been only in mind and the minds of the other people who read it. Or else they didn't realize I didn't have it in there.

So after spending several hours and seeing - what is at stake for them? What do they want, why do they want it, and why can't they get it? I slammed my notebook shut and moved on to the new book! Is this being lazy? Not wanting to deal with those issues on this particular story right now? At this rate I'll never get published, always pushing a story to the side when the going gets tough. But my heart right now is in the trilogy and I don't want to lost the momentum I have on it to bust my chops on one written three books ago that obviously needs a lot of work.

Sigh.. To be the all-knowing writer person who can look at my own work and see what is wrong. I'd have a hundred books publishe dby now and wouldn't have a learning curve.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Paty you are funny!

I don't blame you one itty bit for slamming that notebook shut!

It would be very hard to revisit a story that you've already told and try to "fix it" for someone. I don't envy you at all.

You were right to focus on your trilogy. It's where your heart is right now and it's just in time for National. Stick with it, get it where you want it, pitch it, then when you've done all you can at National and they request your work, and you send it to them, then go back and revisit your previous story and get it revised.

Or do exactly what you want to do and tell me to go to hell cause what do I know? I know exactly ZIP! LOL

I just say go with your gut and your heart.