Saturday, July 23, 2005

Novella VS Behemoth

I'm starting to think I need to make my paranormal a novella or put all three stories together as a three part behemoth 600 page book. It is frustrating to feel like I am ruining the story when I keep trying to add more and more words. I feel like the pacing is going to get too sluggish and descriptions too long and boring. I need to practically double what I have now and I don't see that happening! With this delimna going on it is hard to focus on the writing. I want to ditch it and go to the contemprorary. But then what do I pitch at Nationals?? The paranormal that is short or the contemporary that is only 10 pages long at this point. And not fully flushed out! Though I would like to flush them both down the drain! Yipes!

Another scene for the contemporary flashed in my head as I was driving to work yesterday, so I jotted it down before going in the building. But I need to sit down and figure out their GMC - Haven't a clue for Brock other than he doesn't want to get married or tangled up with another woman. Especially one he hasn't know for very long. But he does want his daughter to have a female role model. Carina is scared and running from an abusive/stalker ex. She wants a safe place to live until he is caught. She doesn't plan on falling in love since she is a city girl and has every intention of heading back to the city once her ex is behind bars.

Guess I better to do some writing while I have the time!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Is it long enough for category? I'm pretty cat illiterate...there have to be paranormal categories out there, right?

Paty Jager said...

I'm not sure. I guess that's something I can ask around about at Nationals. BTW I reprinted my business card. It looks more professional and I'm happier with it. But I only have 50. That's all the card stock I had! I'll take some of the first ones to use if I run out, but I'm definitely saring this last batch for editors and agents!

Anonymous said...

For Elisabeth: Cats are cute furry little animals that purr and say meow. Now you are no longer cat illiterate. LOL just kiddin!

Paty, you are in a huge dilemma with your stories. I have zero advice. Sorry. Don't give up though. Your contemporary sounds very interesting and hopefully it will flow for you.

Good luck!