Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Diligently working

As I am working away expanding, tightening, and polishing my manuscript to send to the agent who requested it, the next book has been slowly taking shape in my head. The characters are coming ot life.

How about some input from my readers: I need a name for my heroine. Currently I call her Walks Softly. She is a Nez Perce maiden. Her characteristics are: Shy, quiet spoken, timid, doesn't like to cause trouble, would rather disappear than cause a rif. But will stand up for a cause she strongly believes in. She likes things orderly and no surprises. Loves children and being needed.

Adversely; the hero likes chaos around him and usually causes it. He is full of humor and good fun. He prefers to let others deal with trouble only because it isn't fun. Only he has a name. Wewukiye- he is the spirit of the lake and prefers to be in the form of an elk until he stops the heorine from walking into the lake to stop the torment she feels after being visciously raped by a Whiteman.

Okay, now you know all about the second book of my trilogy. Send me some names for the heroine!

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