Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pavlov was on to something!

Either that or I'm a dog!

I popped my Native American CD into the boombox and I've been cranking out chapter two of the paranormal all morning. And I love what is showing up on the pages! Great dialogue showing the characters.

And I came up with a secondary character. My employer of my Girl Friday job has been hounding me to put her in a book- so.. She is Crazy Woman. An elderly Nimiipuu woman who talks in questions and picks imaginary things off people. I'm excited to get her into the story! I'll probably keep cranking out the pages today until she arrives on the scene.

Don't cha just love being the puppet master?


Anonymous said...

Hey Paty, that's so awesome!

It's funny how music can inspire us when we write. In fact, I should start doing this again. I can't believe I forgot about this trick!

Maybe that's what I should do when my DH is talking business on the phone all day. Just plug in my headphones on my lap-top and crank out the words in my story. Now I have to find one that will inspire me.

Thanks for the reminder!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Too funny, Paty. Your old lady sounds like a riot.

Glad the words are flowing. That's awesome!