Friday, January 27, 2006

Good, Bad, and Ugly

Today has had it's ups and downs!

I've come to a plotting conundrum. I have the first three chapters polished and printed, the cover letter written and printed, the one page synopsis is still percolating to send to Superromance. That's all good.

I've come to a crossroad in my story where I have to get it right. This is the spot for the twist. I've been hashing it over with my CPs liking all the different dynamics we come up with. That's the bad - I like all the ideas and can't decide which one to incorporate! Now comes the ugly - I rewrote the scene after the love scene trying to incorporate some of what we've talked about today. I don't like it. The hero sounds callous and it doesn't flow like what I had at first. And I think having a man who has been against marriage and having a woman in his household again asking her to marry him would be a plot twist. Don't you think?? It goes against everything he has felt, especially since he isn't doing it because he thinks he's in love, but to keep the woman safe and there for his kids.

Okay that's off my chest. Now I'll go erase everything I just rewrote and incoproate it the way I just said. Piece of cake! LOL

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