Thursday, January 19, 2006


Time - I have none, yet, I sit here blogging! Because I haven't put anything new up for a while. How lame is that!

I want and need to rework my latest WIP, but alas I will be stuck in a Jeep Liberty with my husband, MIL, and dog for 5 hours and will not have the room nor the peace and quiet to work on it. Then we will be sharing a room with the MIL and dog at the motel tonight. Again- no peace and quiet. My wish is for bad weather this weekend so my DH will tell me we won't be working outside. Then I can write! But I do desperately want my front porch steps built as well. *SIGH* I guess you just can't have everything in life you want.

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Elisabeth Naughton said...

Fear not. The beach weekend beckons. (And no one will think less of you if you lock yourself in a room to work in peace and harmony...oh so I keep telling myself. LOL)