Monday, January 09, 2006

What happened to my groove?

I was cruisin' on my writing- engaged, enjoying, battling for each word- and BAM! I get hit with overload at work, making it hard to drop those responsiblities and work souly on my writing as I had planned for the next two days. Then another project has become more cumbersome than I thought, and I received a rejection that deflated me!

Now, I'm trying to shake all that off and get back in the groove and use the next two days to the fullest for writing. But it's hard! I keep thinking I should be calling this person, or checking on that, when I should be concentrating on the scenes leading up to the love scene in my book. Which I was - until I had to work this morning and got hit with how much I need to get done in the next few weeks in a part time position. I should be working from home, but I don't like to do that and cut into my writing time, but if my brain is bogged down on the other, it is hard to write. *SIGH*

I'm fighting everything and that isn't conducive to creative writing. Or any kind of writing!
Off to try and untangle the obligations in my head and get to the creative lobe of my brain.

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Anonymous said...

Can you and Eli say, "BEACH RETREAT"?

After reading both blogs it sounds like you two really need this break. Just hold on for a few more weeks!

Sorry about the rejection. That sucks! Don't be deflated though, look at what you've got going on with your wip's and look to the future!

Happy, positive feelings being sent your way!