Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I've been reading Debra Dixon's "Goal, Motivation & Conflict" book. Well, I finally figured out why I can't sell anything! According to her "...if conflict makes you uncomfortable or you have difficulty wrecking lives of your characters, you need to consider another line of work." I read this and reread it. I HATE conflict! I avoid it. Always have. My dad was right about everything, even when he wasn't. I never thought to say any different, because I didn't like conflict.

As a grownup I avoid it if I can, but if I feel strongly about something, I will take a stand, and I will make myself heard. I've done that many times with my kids in school. I'm better facing a conflict if it is for my family and not myself.

I know my characters have to have conflict to make the story interesting to the reader, but now I wonder if my conflict avoidance is a hindrance to my writing??? Maybe not letting my stories be as strong as they could be? How does a person learn to enjoy conflict? Is there a class that teaches you to enjoy torturing your characters? If so, please, point me to it.

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Oh Paty, just torture them already! They need it. It's what makes them grow into living, breathing characters.

Think of the therapy torturing THEM will do for you. You will grow too and learn that you can handle conflict better than you ever thought. You may actually get a kick out of it after a while.

Don't you think it will be fun to torture them and help them solve their problems by the end? You have total control. You know you're going to have a happy ending so drag them through it baby!

BTW... I live my life everyday just to torture my DH. He likes me ever so much better because he feels alive when he's around me. LOL

Show us your nasty side! ;)