Sunday, March 26, 2006

Venting- Again

I know you all heard my ire when I received comments from a contest that my dialogue was stilted and stereotypical for my paranormal.

The paranormal is set in the 1700's within the Nez Perce community. I don't use contractions in their dialogue and only minimally in the narrative, since it is in their POV's. BECAUSE Native Americans did not and still a lot of them do not use the contractions.

Well, I feel vindicated. I have been on a Nez Perce Yahoo Loop since I decided to write this book. I've gleaned lots of great information and insight into the people. This was on the loop written by a Native American.

"I see the Indians, as a group of people. Becuase, even in their broken English, they will tell you how important it is to obtain an education in this modern world."

There! Even in this day and age they believe they speak in broken English!

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Anonymous said...

You just need to do what you feel is right. It's your story. Poop on everyone else.

Oh, I blogged twice in the last two days! I'm so proud of me. LOL

Hang in there. You're on the right track.