Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Agent, Schmagent

The topic this week on the PRO loop has been about agents. From the sounds of things they are eluzive creatures that if you are lucky you can catch one, but usually not until you've already bagged an editor!

Which leads me to wonder if the ten queries I sent out to agents the last few weeks were a waste of time and postage! I did send to one of the editors/houses that is interested in my genre, and have another one I want to send to when I hear back from this one. (both houses don't like simultaneous submissions) So I sent to the house that gets back to you the earliest, just in case they don't fall in love with a wolf spirit! LOL

Anyway, back to the pondering - So, it sounds like I really should be concentrating on editors and getting published after which time I need to approach an agent I've shmoozed with at conferences and like. Hmmm. So how many conferences and how much schmoozing does it take to find an agent fit, I wonder??? Especially since I can't afford to go to more than one conference a year! I am seriously thinking about going to the Emerald City conference in October. And enter their contest with the next spirit trilogy and the one of my historicals, I've revamped the beginning. I'll try to rub elbows with the agents and editors they have and hope to spark some interest in my projects. And see if I like them. Of course I'll like them, especially if they want to read my stuff! :)


Anonymous said...

Editors, agents, deadlines, competition, promotion, publicity; it tends to make ones head swim doesn't it.

What ever happened to just writing for the pure pleasure of putting your imaginings down on paper?

Why do we torture ourselves with the hassle and worry of getting published? And once your published it just gets crazier from there with all the promoting and book signings and more schmoozing; the traveling across the country to get yourself out among your loyal readers. There's so much competition too. Then there's the pressure of deadlines!

So I ask...

Why do we do this to ourselves?

And I answer...

Cause we ain't got nuttin better to do thaz why!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Maybe I'll use my contest win and go to Emerald City this year instead of Nationals. I'm really wavering about Nationals because of the high airfare. (Last I checked it was over $500.)

Keep sending out your stuff, Paty.