Saturday, April 22, 2006

Do I Know How To Partee!

I spent my Saturday night flinging shit. Literally! My husband scooped it out of the corral and I pulled the manure spreader, flinging manure all over the field. Now, do we know how to party on a Saturday night or what?

And this was after being on calf alert all day. Our last heifer is due to have a calf at any minute and since it is her first we are keeping a close eye on her, though the one before her didn't have any trouble what-so-ever.

I did some more polishing on the contemporary, and critiqued for a CP in between calf watch. As well as the laundry. Can any one tell me how two people can make so much laundry? I shouldn't complain. I only do the laundry once a week now. When all the kids were home I swear I did three loads every day! Between sports and farm work, there was a never ending pile of dirty clothes back then.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

I loathe laundry. My 7-yr old seems to think wearing an outfit for ten minutes means it's dirty. And when she has to clean her room, any article of clothing - clean or dirty - that is anywhere near the floor (or dangling from a hanger) gets tossed in the hamper. Drives. Me. Looney.

Hope your baby calf arrives with bells and whistles. You definitely lead a completely different life than me!

Anonymous said...

You're a true shit kicker Paty! LOL

What a life you lead. I had to do some yard work yesterday on my little acre and a half and seriously considered moving to a big city on the top floor of some sky scraper so I wouldn't have to mow for three hours ever again.

I've got it easy compared to you. What a wimp I am.