Thursday, April 06, 2006

Polished, Proofed, and Printed

Now it's off to my friend to read and proof. Spirit of the Mountian is done. I'll take it to a friend to read and make sure I didn't miss anything and move on to the next book of the trilogy. I have five chapters already written, but after using the "Novel in and hour" page, I saw some things that need beefed up from the get-go. Plus, I have some more researching to do. I only read and researched up to the point of the last book, so now I need to read farther. I didn't want to influence my characters with information they shouldn't know yet. :)

I may also go over the first three chapters of the last western and send it off to Kensington. What the heck, I need to send out everything in my arsenal if this is going to be my year!


Anonymous said...


Best of luck and all that rot!

I'm really excited for you and Eli.

Hope you two will still talk to me when you're rich and famous, (or at least published). LOL

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Go, Paty! You're my hero. I'm still plugging away on the WIP. Inspire me.