Monday, May 22, 2006


Yowzers! The more I learn about promoting yourself and your work the more I want to hide in my little world of lurkdom! I went to RomanceDivas as per Lisa's suggestion. (Thank you, Lisa) and learned way more than I feel I can pull off!

I'm ready to make up book marks and magnets and other promotional items, but the fact I need to have steady input (no less than once a week) on the loops to not look like I am only on the loop to promote myself - that is a hard one. I am a lurker. I read, I listen, I glean. I don't normally add to the conversations, unless it is something I feel strongly about or have the knowledge to help.

With this promotion thing, I am going way out of my comfort zone. But then when I started my 4-H job, I told them I would not get up in front of a crowd and speak - now I teach classes and get up in front of all the leaders and members at the recognition dinner to hand out awards. So I guess this will be another growing experience for me.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

The idea of promotion overwhelms me. I expect you to share all your little pearls of wisdom and fill me in on what you're learning.

And you're right, just one more learning process along the way. You'll do great!

Lisa Pulliam said...

I'm glad you visited RD. It's a great group. I know what you mean about the loops, I'm a lurker too. It seems to be a tough balance between providing insight and promoting your stuff via a signature at the bottom of the e-mail vs. blatant promotion. If you find it hard to know where to jump in on conversations, maybe pose questions instead that get conversations going.