Friday, May 26, 2006

Strike Three

Heard back from three agents this week. Two were "Thank you, but no thank you" and one was a half the size of an index card card that said they weren't interested. Guess I'll try hitting the editors with the paranormal trilogy. That is after I hear back from TOR since they don't like simultaneous submissions. It shouldn't be too much longer. I sent a partial to Anna Genoese the first of April. Which puts it out there about 8 weeks.

Company is coming for the weekend, so I cleaned house this morning, will bake cookies this afternoon and work on MIP. Got to get that thing polished!


Anonymous said...

Geez Paty, sorry to hear about the dirty little R's. You always have such a good attitude about it. :)

It's kinda scary thinking about putting your heart and soul into a story and then having such short rejections. With my personality I'd wanna know, in detail, "WWWHHHHYYYY?" All whiny like... LOL

Keep pluggin away at MIP. You'll have it polished in no time.

Enjoy your company and eat some cookies for me since I'm still trying to shrink down so I don't scare people when I wear my bathing suit this summer.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Keep the faith, Paty. Persistence is the key.

Enjoy your company, then get back to work on MIP!