Monday, June 26, 2006

Fires, cussing, and heat

Whoever said rural living is laid back and quiet hasn't been to our place! Yesterday, the one day my dh has the day off and we were trying to get a week's worth of work done, the bale wagon caught on fire, the swather fuel line plugged, then the guards on the cutting bar bent, so we lost 6 hours cleaning up the mess and working on the equipment and all this in near 100 degree weather! My dh had a bright red face and arms by the end of the day and my arms are getting browner by the day as well. If my legs would just tan, I'd look like I've been on a Hawaiian vacation!

We still have two more large fields to get cut, then I can start raking again. If the dh lets me! The last fields I did he cut weird which made raking harder plus he had some rows under trees and I caught the overly long exhaust pipe in a tree branch, tweaking the top flapper and bending the pipe. I kindly reminded him it was his fault for cutting under a tree. He just looked at me!

Anyway, I've got more bark to move from a pile to the corner where I want it. I've moved 20 wheelbarrow loads so far and have about that many more to go! Then I'll start on the other corner, but it isn't nearly as large.

Then in the middle of the day, I'll reread Gambling and send it off to WRP and THEN I can get back to the spirit books. I miss them, especially after reading a submission for WRP that had a Comanche hero. Made me really want to get busy on the Spirit books.

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