Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mission Accomplished

I'm tired and I'm sore, but I think we accomplished something over the weekend. If having a two-year-old get up from her nap, walk into the dining room and say, "Clean!" I think we accomplished our objective. My dad smokes like a locomotive and it's safe to say he hadn't painted the room since my mom passed away 16 years ago! My daughter and I painted it first with a base/stain concealer and then the color. It was a major improvement!

Then I got home and planned to check messages and the darn phone company had disconnected our line because "You're moving". ??? We aren't moving. Seems someone put in our number for a change of address. Well you can bet I'm sending the phone company a letter! This is the second time in two years they messed up our phone.

The good news is with no phone (no internet access) I finished MIP and am now going through checking for passive voice and adding more emotion. Should have it off to The Wild Rose Press the end of the week if all goes well. I received a rejection from TOR for Spirit of the Mountain and sent it off to Kensington. Something has to break for that book soon. I think it's my best one yet.


Christy said...

Have you been walking??

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Cool on the painting. Now come finish my painting project from hell.

Sorry about the R from Tor. :( But good for you getting it out to another house.

And way to go finishing up MIP! That's exciting. I'm so excited for you!

How are the submissions, by the way, Ms. assistant editor?

Paty Jager said...

Slow, that's how the submissions are going. I have two. One partial and one full that I put on hold while I finish my book. But I should start reading them next week. Much faster turn around than other houses!