Thursday, July 20, 2006

Coming to an end

My trip is coming to an end. I head for home on Monday. But my daughter and two grandsons will be only two days behind me as they are coming down for a month because my son-in-law will be gone for 6 weeks with work. So I'll still get to spoil them rotten!

Looks like I need to try and change my book signing date. Between my publisher and Chris' it looks iffy if our books will be ready to order to have at the September 9th date. When I get back home, I'll have to see if I can change the date for mid to late October. And hope the Book Store owner doesn't tell me to fly a kite by changing the date. At least it gives me more time to work on a press release!

Talked to my dh today and he said there was a Fed Ex package from Penguin Books. Now to me Fed EX means someone wants something fast - right? Well he opened it and read a rejection letter that said she loved it but not enough. The kicker- It was something I sent nearly two years ago!! Guess they figured after having it that long it needed to be sent back quick! LOL

I've managed to get several subs for WRP done, but none of my writing which is probably good, because I will have at least three more weeks before I can sit down and get serious with the next book.

If you don't see post here from the 26th of July intil the 14th of August - it's because I'm busy.


Anonymous said...

That's so great that your daughter and the kids get to come stay with you for the baby's first month of life. What an attachment he'll have to you gramma! Lucky!

Glad you'll have more time for your press release. This is so huge! I love that this is finally happening for you!

Sorry about the rejection. But two years! Come on! What are these people doing in this business anyway. If things change so often as they say and we're supposed to write cutting edge stuff, how is it cutting edge if they don't even get around to it for two flippin years?! ARGGGHHH!! And wasting money on Fed Ex. Yeah, there's intelligence for ya. Whatever.

Okay, what are "subs" for WRP? That's probably a really stupid question, but I'm no good at faking like I actually know stuff so I had to ask. :)

I hope you survive all you have to do in the next few weeks. Good luck with it all. I'm going to be so lonely without you and Eli for the next few weeks. (hangs head and feels sorry for herself.)

Guess I'll just have to immerse myself in writing while you two are busy. Darn, I'm really gonna miss the distraction. LOL

Paty Jager said...

Piper, subs is my shorthand for submissions. Nothing mystical just laziness! LOL

I'm going to miss talking with all of you as well! And my CP's I usually IM with at least every other day! I've missed that while I've been up here in Alaska. I might have a chance one morning this next week to try and catch up with them, but we'll see with the work and the company it might be tough.