Monday, July 10, 2006

North to Alaska!

I'm here! It's cool and overcast, but not raining, so far, which is good. Christy, Kelly and I did the walk around town with all the tourists from four Cruise ships that anchored and let their 8,000 passengers loose on the town! Yeesh! But we looked in shops and I'm now deciding which store to go back to and purchase a sweatshirt!

No baby yet. The due date was yesterday.

I read Alice's book, My Sister, Myself on the flight up. If you haven't read it - do! Now, I'll have to get the next one. I also did some reading of WRP submissions. I haven't set up my laptop yet to get to writing, but will do that either tonight or tomorrow. I had a red-eye flight up and am still not ready to set my mind to writing.

I'll work on my press package while I'm here as well. Not sure what exciting things I can put in the bio and such, but I'll see what I can come up with!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paty

Glad you had a good flight up north. It's supposed to be cool and a little rainy here this week so you're not missing much.

I'll bet that town filled with cruise tourists was a sight.

Tell that girl to just let that baby go! She must be getting miserable. I feel her pain. Poor thing. Take her back to town with you and do more walking.

Alice's book sounds good, I need to get it but I have so many on my to be read shelf as it is!! ACK!

Good luck with the press package. Sounds like fun actually. When the dh and I used to own the newspapers we used to get press packages, we even got one from Lisa Jackson years and years ago. Weird how small the world is.

Have fun in Alaska. Hope you get lots done and that the baby actually comes while you're there. LOL