Sunday, October 01, 2006


After all my fretting the chat (which happened to be on a Yahoo loop) got scrapped because Yahoo was down. They are rescheduling it for December, which is even better because Gambling on an Angel should be out then. And so far my hero in it has been given 2 Yummies!

I sent the final off to Wild Rose Press and am awaiting the galley. And I have to say - this book is better than the first. The story has more meat and the writing is better. Even though I reworked MIP - it still had some newbie things - I realized after working on the second book.

The good news is now I can concentrate on the spirit books. Unless when I'm at Emerald City they want to see the contemporary and not the spirit in which case I'll have to get to work on that one! It's written, just needs a complete overhaul to take out the stalker and make it more of an emotional read than a suspense! Piece of cake - Right?

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