Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Native American vs Cowboy

After being in a funk yesterday, I managed to pump out 6 pages on my WIP. I've been bugging all my writer friends with the fact this story feels slow. However, I think it is doing a good job of keeping the emotions in the forefront of the story, so while the last spirit book, though emotional, had a lot action, this second book is pretty much all emotion driven. And the fluctuating emotions are what keep this story moving forward and interesting. Anyway that's my take and hopefully, I'm right! LOL

But as I lament to others it has been suggested I leave the spirit book and write the second Halsey brother book. I have several people who are eager for more.

So, this is a poll - Do you think I should push forward with the spirit book when I haven't even had a nibble on the first one, or dump it and go to work on a book I know people want?


Elisabeth Naughton said...

You already know my opinion on this one. ;)

Go with the Cowboy book. Give the people what they want.

Anonymous said...

Well DUH! Halsey brothers all the way. ;)

Obviously you give your readers what they want, but you should finish your spirit books for you. Someday Native American will be back on top and they'll beg you for them!

Now go get busy with the Cowboys! (oooohh, that sounds like fun!)

Paty Jager said...

Yeah, I've been pushing ideas around for the beginning of the next Halsey book. I think I've figured out the beginning and the premise for the book, now I just need to do some research and I'll be ready to sit down and start it.