Thursday, January 04, 2007

Focus, focus, focus

Do you know how hard it is to stay focused on my writing when I am also in the throes of promotion? I just had a call from the local paper to come out and do an interview, which is good. But then I look at the boxes of Christmas stuff sitting in the middle of the floor and the mess my dog made tearing apart a stuffed animal and thinking, "Dang, now I have to clean the house!"

I've been laying awake at night thinking about the next scene in my book that I haven't been able to write! I planned to sit down today and push my way through this conundrum. That is after I check on a cow that my dh declared this morning is going to calve, and we need to keep an eye on her, I exercise (got to look good for the TV camera), and now clean house before I can get to the WIP. I also have a submission to do the final edit on so the author can submit it to go into the first phases of publication at TWRP.

Now, I love the fact I am finally getting some publicity locally and am still waiting to hear from a book store where I grew up if they want a book signing as well as gathering funds to put an ad in Romance Sells and deciding if I want to pay to be spotlighted on Romance Junkies.

However, I would like to go back to just writing! Well, except for the getting published part! :)

Anyone out there want to be my publicist and let me write?


wavybrains said...

You'll find the balance. And one of these days, you WILL have a publicist.

I solve this dilemma by just not cleaning house. Your mileage may vary, especially since cows don't take kindly to not being fed :P

Paty Jager said...

Yeah, but the newspaper reporter and photographer will be here- at my house - tomorrow! So I do need to at least get the boxes out of the middle of the floor and vacuum.

And the calf arrived! A healthy heifer. last one for a couple of months then we start calving with the 17 my dh decided to buy the end of December!