Friday, February 09, 2007

WOW! Friday already!

I can't believe I posted on Monday and then didn't get to another post until today! This week has flown by and not nearly enough writing has been happening. 8v(

The week started out with my dad visiting; Tuesday, I worked by part time Girl Friday job; Wednesday, I had my hair cut; Thursday, I had a book signing; this morning I had a 4-H meeting; and tomorrow I teach one class at an all day 4-H event.

The book signing went well. The good thing about having a book signing at a Wine shop is you have the chance to pick up readers who you might not have otherwise attracted. Most of the people who bought my books last night, probably would have passed right over them on a shelf, but because I could visit with them and tell them they were set in Oregon and a little about myself, they bought the books.

And for once - I actually knew an author one of the people asked me about! In fact I had mentored a little with the author years ago. That got me a sale!

So I'm learning to put myself out a little more and hopefully ~ these things will get easier!

Does talking to an author make you more likely to purchase their book or does that not make a difference for you?


Danita Cahill said...

glad your booksigning was a success, Paty! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

I like talking to authors. I don't always buy their books, because I have such a huge stack of books yet to read that I already feel overwelmed...

Well, little guy is napping so I'm off to write.

Anonymous said...

That's so great about the book signing! I'm glad your getting more comfortable with these things and that it's getting easier.

I buy books when I have money. Period. LOL I don't have to know the author, but if I have money and the books sounds good, I snatch it up!

Keep up the great attitude and happy selling!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Danita and Piper!

I am slowly coming out of my shell and learning to talk more. But I still need to learn to be the first to make contact.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I second what Piper said. I'll buy if it looks intriguing. Simply meeting an author has never forced me to buy their book. If they're friendly and it looks like something I'd like, then I'll buy it.

Paty Jager said...

Okay so the consensus is, I don't need to get out there and meet people! YES!!! I can just send to reviewers and post those and wait for the books to get bought!