Thursday, March 22, 2007

I found Zeke!

I've been looking for a picture of my current hero for inspiration as I write the new WIP. I found it! Of course I HAD to buy a Cowboy Hunks calendar to find him. :) He's an Australian Bull Rider, but, thump a thump!(that's my heart) He's perfect for Zeke!

Now to find my heroine. Of course that isn't nearly as much fun! LOL I thought I had her in a clothing ad on Sunday, but after I cut the picture out and put her next to Zeke, she wasn't right.

Do you as a writer go to great lengths to find a facsimile of your hero and heroine to use as inspiration and motivation while writing? I also have certain music I listen to while writing each book. Are you the same, or can you knock out characters and a story with nothing that relates to it around you?"

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