Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Good News!

I received an e-mail this morning from the senior editor for the Yellow Rose line (contemporary cowboys) that they would like to contract my story Shattered Dreams. So I'm feeling pretty good today! But while filling out all the info they ask for about the book and talking with my daughter, I can't decide whether to go for a cute cover or one that would be more depicting of the title. The title is by no means "cute". After I IM'd with my daughter and we had all these clever ideas, I'm thinking my original thought for the cover goes better with the title. But I have time to think it through.

What are your thoughts? With a title like Shattered Dreams, and you saw a cute cover would it make you wonder about the story? Is it an emotional read or a romp? Or would it make you wonder at the seriousness of the author to use that kind of cover for what appears to be a serious read?

Love to hear your thoughts.


wavybrains said...

I would assume that "Shattered Dreams" was a weepy, emotional read, heavy on the women's fiction, light on the romance. Now, if it's not, a light cover might make me do a double take, "Good Grief" has a cover that's light enough to make you want to find out more--and find out that the tragedy has a lot of humor thrown in.

However, I'm having a hard time picturing "Shattered Dreams" done lightly--either in cover or in story. Is this the title of your heart? Are you certain that this title fits your voice and vision for the story? The tone? If it does, then, I'd probably vote for a more serious cover. Best of luck whatever you end up going with! And CONGRATS!!!!!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ditto. Go for the more serious cover.

And congrats on the sale!!

Lisa Pulliam said...

Congrats, Paty!!! That's wonderful news!!!

I agree with Bethany and Eli, I have a heard time picturing "Shattered Dreams" with a light cover.