Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Monday!

And you know what that means! I have to put up a new blog! LOL I can't stand to have the same thing up for very long.

Okay, what to blog about. I'm stuck. I can't go much farther on the WIP because I need more factual info. So I'm headed to The Dalles on Friday to find out more about a hotel I'm using in the book and more about gambling and the corruption happening in the town in the year I have it set.

I tried to borrow the microfilm through our interlibrary loan, but they couldn't get a hold of it for me. I've been hitting the internet. I found a good site for photos and some interesting historical facts, but not all the kind I need, so I'm headed to the source.

There is one more scene I can writer before I need more info, so I will work on that between now and my trip.

This is a new experience for me, I usually have everything completely researched before I start a book, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to go with this book and left it in the air until I'd decided which town they were headed to and what they were going to run into. And I like the adventure!

If you've read my other books, did you feel I didn't slap you in the face with the historical aspects? And if you are writer, do you do all the research before you start or do you research as you go?


Anonymous said...

I like the historical information and you put it in so that you don't feel like there's the story, then a glob of historical facts, then more story. You wrote it so that it all flowed very nicely together.

When I first came up with my ideas for the Regency I started a while back, I did a lot of research, but now I'm finding that I have even more to do since I've come up with other ideas of where to take the story line and it's no longer going to fit in the Regency era. I'm glad for the new ideas, but setting it in a different time is going to be a lot more work for me since I don't know much about this era. Oh well, I love learning.

So my answer is yes, I do research before, but I do it during too.

Have fun on your research day!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks, Piper!

I can hardly wait until you have something for us to read!