Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Librarian Conference

Monday, I spent the afternoon with three other romance authors from the Rose City RWA chapter. Terri Reed, Jenna Bayley-Burke, and Su Lute. We spoke as a panel of romance writers to the Central Oregon Regional library conference.

It was fun talking writing and getting to know the other three better and it was fun to give librarians another perspective about the romance genre. Informing them that romance has evolved beyond the bodice-ripping stories of the 70's. They found it interesting to note that historical writers take their history seriously. Which shocked me! They actually thought historical romances were mere fluff without any regard for historical accuracy! Man, I should let the Hearts Through History group loose on them. LOL I set them straight about how we historical writers do, in fact, take if very seriously and that we have people with phd's in history on the HTH loop that help us all make sure we put the correct information in our stories. And then there's the Petticoat and Pistols, and several off shoots of western romance writers that make sure western historical books are accurate.

I even managed to plug my upcoming book signing at the conference. I figured they were all from my neck of the woods, so I might as well give it a try! And I gave away a "Perfectly Good Nanny" book in a drawing. So hopefully, that person will read it and spread the word that others need one!

Did you, either as a historical reader or not a historical reader, realize that accuracy means everything to a historical romance author?

PS: I have photos of the event, but blogger isn't letting me add photos at this time. I'll try later in the day to add them.

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