Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Never Again!

I am not having Christmas without children ever again! My husband and I were the only ones this year at our house for Christmas. There's wasn't any bustle Christmas eve to fill stockings and finish Santa gifts. No pattering of little feet and whispers at 5 am as the youngsters rise early to see what Santa brought. No ripping of wrapping paper and squeals of delight.

Just two people waking up and going about the chores of any other day. Had my FIL over for breakfast, handed him his present. Then worked outside all day and had the MIL over for dinner and we unwrapped presents. She went home, we watched TV and fell asleep.

BORING! I want the anxious little faces, the hum of excitement, the bustle of lots of people! If no one can make it here next year we are going to visit someone. I'm not doing another Christmas like that. It didn't even feel like we had a holiday.

How about you? Did you have a day full of family and fun? Or were you alone? And if you were alone, did you enjoy it?

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christy said...

We had the boys! And I tell you what...with them this Christmas was a lot more fun than ones we've had in the past. Then we had guests over for dinner which made the day pass quickly. But your more than welcome to come visit my family next year :).