Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Anxiously Waiting

We are in the final phase of production for Outlaw in Petticoats. There have been a few hold ups in the final stages that has put the release date off. I'm anxious to get this second book of the series out into the hands of reviewers and readers who asked for more Halsey brother books.

My editor and my critique partners have both had good things to say about this book and particularly Zeke- but in the end it is up to the readers to decided if I did a good job of carrying on the family line and clearing up some loose ends from Marshal in Petticoats.

I'm particularly excited to finish the third book (which is about 1/2 way done). I've had a CP reading it after I polish the chapters and she is pushing me to write faster because she wants to know what happens next. So I am at the moment riding high on getting to the end of the third books so my readers can learn more about the family and some historical information.

If you've read series books before, what made you keep reading them and do you like series books?


Lauri said...

Hi Paty,

I love series books! (It's movies that drive me nuts, I mean, really, how many times can "Willy" be freed?)

And I'm jealous that you can polish a chapter before going on to the next one. I have to get the whole story out, then go back for the clean up. What's your secret?

Have a great week!

Paty Jager said...

Hi Lauri,
Thanks for stopping by! I think my secret about polishing is: When I sit down to write I always read the chapter before to get back into the story, and since I can't seem to turn the editor off in me, I am always tweaking as I read. So if I stop four pages into a chapter when I sit back down I go back and read the chapter before and those four pages, editing and tweaking them. And that time I write six more pages but didn't finish the chapter, I'll go to the beginning of that chapter the next time I sit down and again the tweaking and editing as I read through to get back to writing. So by the time I move on to the next chapter I've been through the last chapter several times and then I send it to a CP to make sure I'm staying true to character and that the story is making sense and to pick out the little things I missed no matter how many times I've been through it.

Wishing you an awesome weekend!