Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Proofing Galleys

Right now, I'm proof reading the galley for Outlaw in Petticoats. It's a tedious process of reading and checking all grammar, but the fun part is coming across a sentence or phrase you wrote and thinking "Wow, did I write that?" That always give me chills!

I'm not only proofing the galley, but I'm in charge of two toddler boys. At times they are little angels and others- they are testing and I don't get much done other than keeping them out of trouble! My latest gradchild arrived into the world on Monday. She's healthy and has lusty lungs! LOL

A critique partner is reading the next Halsey brother book- Miner in Petticoats - as I am writing it. I like this process because it makes me accountable to someone who is waiting for chapters, and it keeps me on track if she says- hey wait a minute why did he/she do that or where the heck are you going with that scene. It was nice to recieve a chapter back and her comments were "I loved your phrasing in serveral spots on this chapter". And you guessed it. Those type of comments stroke the ego and I try harder to continue with well thought out sentences to keep the quality up on the story.

What skill have you learned that makes you proud? Or what have you been complimented on that you strife for every day?


Anonymous said...

Yea!! Congratulations to your daughter and your family! Glad that it all went well and that everyone's safe and happy.

I feel for you taking care of the boys. I can totally relate. LOL

Sounds like your going non-stop still. Guess that's just a typical day in the life of Paty J. :)

It's so great that your writing is blossoming so rapidly and that you've had so much success! :)

I have learned so much about writing over the last three years; mostly I've learned that I really had NO CLUE about writing until I joined RWA. I'm proud of the fact that I was able to see my weaknesses and where I needed to improve and then work on those learned skills. Now I just need to learn to focus. Sheeyeah, right. Maybe next Sept when all the rug-rats are in school and my dh no longer works from home. That will be awesome!

Keep up the great attitude! You are an inspiration in the "write" direction!

Oh, and watch out for bears and wolves, too. :)

Paty Jager said...

LOL, it's funny you mention bears, Piper! The sliding doors on my daughter's house I've never seen before. They are bear proof! When I let the dog in and out, I feel like I'm entering a prison.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope when all your kidlets are in school you can start focusing on writing. I know you'll have some great stories.

Lauri said...

Hey Paty,

I had to check back to see if the baby had arrived! Your daughter has to be very happy with a little girl! She'll be able to shape those big brothers up in no time.

Congrats and I'm happy to hear all is well.

You certainly are an inspiration to other writers!

Have fun with the proofing.