Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mid-week blahs

This week (being blah) is worse than most because I returned home at midnight from my RWA chapter meeting in Salem last night. I enjoy visiting with all my friends and colleagues in writing at the meetings, and I always come away having learned one more morsel about writing- but it makes the next day not nearly as productive.

And that's why my blog is late today. My dh lets me sleep in, but then I get up late, still have to take care of the animals and then run through half of yesterdays and all of last nights and part of this mornings e-mails. In otherwords- I'm playing catch up for half of the day and I'm tried so I'm not moving/functioning as fast. ~sigh~

I'm just glad my chapter blog day doesn't fall on this day! I need to get crackin' on the revisions to Spirit of the Mountain, but I'm looking forward to our chapter beach retreat this weekend and discussing the Nez Perce with Lisa. She's studying them in a college course and I want to see what she's learned that I didn't find in all my research.

And as I drove over the mountain and back yesterday, the contemporary I'm piecing together stewed and brewed some more and I'm slowly getting a good feel for the characters.

Then this morning my CP in Texas sent me some chapters she's critiquing of Miner in Petticoats and said she loved it and the growth of my characters. That felt real good!

So, though I'm moving slow and feeling blah- there's a lot to get done with my second half of the day!

Do you get the mid-week blahs or does Wednesday come and you are already in weekend mode?

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