Monday, April 14, 2008

Ache All Over

Yeah, it was one of those weekends. It all started on Thursday night when in a fit of insanity I told my husband, "Let's go ahead and load all these beams on the trailer". With animals you never know when they might get out or you need to rebuild fence, so I thought let's get this all loaded, in case. Then Friday night we loaded a heavy metal table and cement blocks. This was all going to our place in Princeton on Saturday night.

Saturday, my dh got off work, we fed the animals well to last them the next night, and hopped in the pickup. We arrived at the cabin at 10 pm walked in and crawled into the sleeping bag on the air mattress. Only the mattress had lost some air and we took the cowdogs with us. It was their first time to this property. We let them sleep in the cabin.
Huge mistake! T-Bone the heeler cross would clack-clack-clack her toenails across the wood floor, then thump, drop her body to the floor and moan. Then pant, like a steam engine coming down the tracks, before doing a very loud yawn. Now we didn't hear a peep out of Boots, the border collie, but all of a sudden she landed between us on the bed! We told her to get off and Tink came barreling out from under blanket on the bed to beat up the intruder.
And the low air in the mattress kept us rolling into one another. Needless to say, neither of us got a great deal of sleep and my dh woke with a sore back. And we had the whole trailer to unload. The forty-two, 25 foot suspension beams, the twenty cement blocks, one 8 ft railroad tie, and the heavy metal table. We accomplished that and the dh went to discing.
My job was to walk and measure how far he needed to disc, keep him replenished with water, and finish little jobs in the cabin. (I hung shades, a gun rack, and put hooks on the wall). Then I took a walk, snapping some pictures of the unique rock formations. And came home with a sunburn.
I didn't do any writing, but I did a lot of thinking and I'm ready to start work on my next project.
So how was your weekend? Are you sore or did you have a nice relaxing couple of days and can't wait for another weekend to come around? Myself- I'm looking forward to the week!!


Lauri said...

Wow, Girl! You did have a busy weekend!

I had to work. Hosted a youth expo, had over 800 attendee so it was BUSY. And it snowed...A LOT. That's life in Minnesota.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL. Yes, that's the reason Tanner still sleeps in his crate at night, otherwise he whines at the bottom of the stairs or comes upstairs to pace our bedroom.

Sounds like an exhausting weekend, but always good to get things done!