Wednesday, May 07, 2008

4 Cup Review

Tuesday, I received an e-mail from Coffee Time Romance with my second review for Outlaw in Petticoats. I loved the characters in this book and it shows with the reviews I've been getting. The first five spur review from Love Western Romance also enjoyed my characters.

Here is part of the review from Coffee Time:

Outlaw in Petticoats is a splendid read. Zeke is kind-hearted and caring. I could tell how deep his love is for Maeve. Maeve does a good impression of hiding her feelings. Paty Jager creates a read with two gripping characters, and secondary players that spark drama into the storyline. She allows her audience to be carried into a journey of not only seeking a father but two people making a connection with the other. With intense character emotions, and a bit of mystery, she makes this an outstanding read.

Also for any of you who have been to my website- it is behind because my webmistress is on vacation. My April website winner was Ashley Applebee. And her gift bag is heading her way today. As soon as my webmistress gets my May contest up, I'll give a shout out.

Look for Outlaw in Petticoats this Friday in ebook at The Wild Rose Press.

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