Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Five- things I've discovered this week

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This has been a week of enlightenment and disappointment. Several of my RWA chapter mate's blogs on our blog, has got me to thinking and incidents that have occurred personally have been a disappointment.

So without further ado, here is my list-

1. I've discovered I can make it through a week with little to no writing getting done (due to outside influences) and not go entirely insane! I have been edgy wanting to write, but due to company, meetings, promo, and work related things, I've not written a single sentence on any WIP. Though I have done some research and made some connections for that.

2. While I am enjoying going to the gym and working out- it is taking away some writing time. Not sure if I'll stick it out after my two months- we'll see.

3. I'm having a milestone birthday next week, but I can't do what I want because my dh says we have to go to our other property and water the barley.

4. On the upside- one of the blogs this week on the chapter loop made me step back and rethink the next two Halsey brother books.

5. And Alice Sharpe's blog on Wednesday about how much is left on the cutting room floor from a movie and how we as writers need to bite the bullet and cut. Though if I cut too drastically, I'd have nothing left! LOL But it made me think harder about some scenes I had playing out in my head for the WIP. Are they necessary or are they just filler?

Did you have any AHA moments this week about yourself, work, family, writing, the weather??
If so share.


Ashley Ladd said...

Your #1 and #2 sound just like me. Sometimes I want to write so badly but life gets in the way.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks for stopping by Ashley! I think the more we have things stand in our way to write the more focused we have to be when the chance to write comes along.