Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Five- Things on my To Do list

It is beautiful here this morning! I'm so glad summer decided to come see us. I was getting tired of temps in the 40's and icicles under the sprinklers in the morning. I have a lot on my plate now and I seem to just keep adding to it! Both in my writing life and my normal life.

I had two successful chats this week! The Romance Book Junction chat on Wednesday night was fun. The ladies who joined me asked good questions and as always we got to talking about cowboy hunks! LOL Pretty much across the board we all swooned when talking about Sam Elliott's voice and Tom Selleck as a cowboy. Then on my all day chat yesterday with Brenda Williams Romance Party, we again got on the subject of cowboy hunks. Several mentioned Viggo Mortensen (sp) I don't go to or rent movies. All I ever see of movies these days are the trailers on TV so I haven't a clue who this guy is, but several ladies thought he was a hunk. So who do you think is or could be a hunky cowboy?

Well onto my five things- to do list.

1. Get the workshop I'm presenting at the Historical conference at RWA Nationals finalized. (Need to get it put in a power point)

2. Make more book thongs to give away with the books I donate to the Literacy signing. I bought ribbon with my name and website printed on it- but the beads I already had have too small of holes for the ribbon. ~sigh~

3. We (my dh and I) need to get a room finished we started. I'm tired of the mess!

4. Get busy on my latest WIP. I wrote 5,000 words this week, but I didn't have the chance to stay full throtle because of all the promoing this week . And my dad will be here all next week. I'm hoping he'll work on the above mentioned room and I can get some writing done!

5. Get my book trailer finished. Well it is but for some reason there is streaks in it when I play it. I think I need to redo it, then it should be ready. My brother and his son composed the music and I can't wait to get it looking good so I can put it out there for people to see.

Is there anything pressing in on you that you feel you need to get done? Is it something that will make you smile or leave you grunting and sweating while trying to accomplish the task?


Lonely Paul said...


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Both, LOL. I want to get working on my Sons of Summerville story and get that out and I'd love to get some more edits on Northern
Temptress accpomplished ... as well as send a certain old west gunfighter on his way to NY.

Those are the "Happy" things. The grinding my teeth things I guess would be cleaning out my basement and the kids' closets!

I'll be doing both the Fly Lady bite at a time.