Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

My shoulders ache today. Spent over ten hours driving tractor and raking hay yesterday. I'd hate to think what I'd feel like if the tractor didn't have power steering! When you are raking small fields you do a lot of turning. It felt like I was constantly turning the wheel. I think it was the repetition that made me sore.

Saturday I raked hay in the morning, we attended a wedding then watched the movie Get Smart. I haven't laughed at a movie that much in I can't remember when! It had a little of the falvor of the original TV show, but wasn't as stupid. And I was ecstatic there wasn't vulgar language, sexual overkill, or grossness. We walked in when the movie was just starting and didn't know it had a G rating until my brother told me last night. I was gushing about it and he told me that was why it didn't have all the stuff I'm tired of seeing in most movies these days. Anyway, if you get the chance it is worth watching. Then we had dessert at a restaurant, took a piece of pie to my MIL and came home. It was a satisfying day!

And while going around and around on the tractor I realized, if I want to have a first draft of my contemporary done by Nationals, I have to spit out 4000 words a day on the weekdays. Sooo, if these blogs become brief- You'll know what I'm doing!

How was your weekend?

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