Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Five- Restaurant Observations

Last night my dh and I went out to dinner as soon as he got off work. I had a meeting to go to and this way he got fed before 9pm when I returned home. There were several things I observed while at the restaurant. And you let me know if these are only writer traits or if non-writers do this as well.

1) Out of the five waitresses and two waiters I studied (yes not just watched) I found one female heroine quality and no real hero quality in the waiters. What do I mean? The waitress I saw as heroine quality smiled and visited with everyone whether they were her table or not. She wasn't beautiful, but she had a sparkle in her eye that make people smile back and respond. Even an old man that only glared at everyone else.

2) There was an interesting couple in another booth. He was built and looked (short cropped hair, square facial features) like a football player. She was taller than the guy, and outweighed him by 50 pounds. The whole time she looked uncomfortable and sad. He appeared to be trying to lift her spirits. Were they a couple? Friends? Siblings? Their dynamic had me what iffing.

3) A couple in their late 50's perhaps early 60's came in, their arms wrapped around each others waist. He was a couple inches shorter than her. They were thin and dressed like they spent a lot of time outdoors. My mind raced as they held hands while following the hostess to their table. Newlyweds? Rekindled love? besotted with one another? Just dating?

4) The manager was waaaay too young. He moved from table to table asking how the meal was. He was dress in dark slacks, blue buttoned-down collar shirt and tie. He had an immaculate hair cut and looked like a life sized Ken doll- only younger. How did he get a job as manager at such a young age? Was it his fastidiousness? His IQ? His people skills? His connections?

5) And I did what I believe every writer does in restaurants- I spent more time listening to the conversations in the booths around me than to my dh. ~shrug~ I can't help it. I love hearing the way people talk and the topics of conversations.

How do you spend your time in a restaurant? Visiting with the person or persons you came with or scoping out everyone esle?

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Anonymous said...

I totally do the same thing you did, Paty! LOLOLOLOL

My dh doesn't get it all. He's totally social and likes to talk and stuff, but I like to sit and watch everyone and listen to their conversations and I totally imagine what their lives are like. It's so interesting!

I'm sure this is just a writer thing. LOL

If I could, I'd just go places and wear dark glasses like I'm blind and not watching people, because people tend to think if someone's blind, they're deaf too, so I could just secretly watch and listen forever! LOL

I remember when D and I were heading up to the Emerald City conference on the train, we totally listened to the people around us. It was great fun!

Fun post! Sorry I'm chiming in soooo late. :)